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In Loving Memory of
Derek & Lauren

We never want to turn someone who could benefit from our services away because they cannot afford it. We are dedicated to the mental and physical health of our community.

If you or someone you know is suffering from a terminal illness, chronic pain, addiction, debilitating stress or anxiety, PTSD, or service-related disability please fill out this quick form. Please include their full name, contact information, and any information you wish to share.

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For those battling cancer, terminal illness, addiction, PTSD, or other serious disabilities we know the pain and suffering does not just come from the condition. Resilience Massage & Wellness cannot treat these or other diseases and conditions and has no intention of providing false hopes. What we can provide is some relief from the stress, anxiety, and somatic pain that accompanies chronic illness. We hope to provide support and services in these times when a caring network is needed most. Please do not seek our services in replacement of medical attention.

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