Our Team

We are a team of compassionate care-givers dedicated to quality service and the most current education. Our mission is to become an integral part of our community's physical, mental and spiritual health. By invigorating, liberating and empowering each individual, we strive to be a sturdy foundation for the strength and growth of our community.


We opt to maintain the highest standards and certification as well as continue to learn all we can for each of our clients. We are willing to go that extra mile so our clients can keep running their 26.2.



Medical Massage - Prenatal - Sports Therapy -Stress Management 

Cassandra has been a massage therapist since 2010 and a yoga teacher since 2013. She specializes in pain management and structural integration, but also believes that relaxation and stress management are crucial to optimal health. Her training in a wide range of disorders and techniques, and her pursuit of a Master's degree in Kinesiology, make her a skilled therapist at identifying the root cause and dysfunctional patterns of a problem. Her approach to bodywork often uses deep tissue, trigger point therapy, cupping, and PNF stretching, but can be customized for those more sensitive or seeking a more soothing therapeutic experience.


Deep Tissue - Sports Therapy  - Myofascial Release - Facilitated Stretch - Relaxation

Casey is a veteran of the Army who suffered from debilitating back pain. Determined not to slow down, he learned to manage his pain and wanted to help others to do the same. He completed his massage training at Cortiva Institute of Massage, and together, he and Cassandra opened Resilience. He is skilled in many forms of therapeutic techniques including myofascial release, cupping, and trigger point therapy, and has a slow flow guaranteed to put you in a deep state of relaxation. He understands that alleviating pain often requires the right state of mind and a controlled and gradual approach. If you often find yourself complaining your therapist "just can't get deep enough", here is your guy! 

Our therapists are State Licensed, Insured and Nationally Certified, through the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork. 

This certification verifies they:

-Have passed a background check

-Completed 750 hours of training

-Passed the BCETMB Exam

-Have current CPR Certification

-Obtain required, approved continuing education 

-Agree to uphold NCBTMB's Standard of Practice and Code of Ethics

-Oppose Human Trafficking



Deep Tissue - Pain Management -Relaxation 

Scraping & Cupping Techniques

Dominique is an enthusiastic therapist with a passion for healing. She uses trigger point and neuromuscular therapy to encourage deep tension release throughout each session and over a period of time. She's able to provide a wide variety of massage services and techniques while specializing in medium to deep tissue upper body and neck work. Dominique is continually adding techniques and modalities to her repertoire.


Deep Tissue - Oncology Massage

Medical Massage - Prenatal


Athena is an intuitive and educated therapist who knows how to find all the right spots. She can deliver deep, flowing pressure to make you feel relaxed and rebalanced and is trained in medical massage for various injuries and conditions. Athena has worked in medical settings and under physicians for the majority of her career. Her compassionate nature and unwavering patience is an asset when working with those suffering from difficult conditions. She enjoys providing care to those most in need and actively seeks the most current education available to help each one of her clients. 

Photo Wendy.jpg


Deep Tissue - Relaxation- 
Sports Therapy - Pain Relief

Wendy is a well-rounded therapist with over six years of experience. She specializes in sports therapy and deep tissue with a focus on lower back and hip pain. Wendy competes in jiujitsu and also trains in MMA. Similar to her personality, her approach is strong and deliberate with a soothing effect conducive for overall recovery and relaxation. Wendy is a great choice for weekend warriors and endurance athletes.


Medium Pressure - Ashiatsu - Deep Relaxation - Canabliss

Holli is the go-to therapist for those seeking a full system reboot. She became a therapist in 1992 and has been learning new ways to help people ever since. She is equipped with similar clinical and therapeutic skills, including trigger point and myofascial techniques, but delivers a level of relaxation unlike the rest of us. Her approach is to slowly engage with the body to assess what it needs, working to alleviate tension or pain through firm, intuitive pressure. She encourages longer, quieter sessions and often incorporates heat, CBD, and stones to guide the body into a blissful escape from life's daily demands.


Deep Tissue - Relaxation- 

Prenatal - Neck & Shoulder Work

Currently On Maternity Leave

Sierra is an amazing, well-rounded therapist with a stellar personality. Her pressure ranges from light to deep. Her flow and adaptability make her a great therapist for anyone looking to relax and recover.

Photo Brea.jpg


Prenatal/Post-Partum- Trigger Point- 
 Neck & Shoulder Work

Brea is medically and energetically trained to handle the mind, body, and spirit. She alleviates stress and tension through modalities such as facilitated breathwork, trigger-point therapy, aromatherapy, and reflexology. Brea loves to work with moms and moms-to-be who will find that her nurturing and compassionate nature makes her the perfect therapist to meet their therapeutic needs. 

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