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Hot Stones

Let the tension melt away. Hot stones provide even, penetrating heat to the muscles, allowing your therapist to access deeper layers of the soft tissue quicker and more efficiently.

Warm Oil Scalp Massage

*Client Favorite

 Nourish your hair and scalp with this deep moisturizing treatment. We pour warm oil through the hair and massage the scalp to hydrate and strengthen the hair from roots to ends. Great for those with dry or over-processed hair, dandruff or those who suffer from headaches and allergies.

Back, Hand or Foot Scrub

Add a local scrub to help combat dryness, improve circulation and leave your skin feeling refreshed.



Dry Brushing

Includes a take home brush. Your therapist will use a dry brush to exfoliate the skin and help stimulate the lymph system and blood flow before using your customized oil or lotion to complete your massage. This service will take little time from your session but will leave you feeling energized and your skin glowing.


We have a wide variety of essential oils to supplement your sessions. Our sense of smell is a chemical sense, meaning it interacts and binds with molecules in our environment to deliver information to the brain, which then processes and reacts. Utilizing aromatherapy can encourage more positive emotions and put the body more at ease, as well as promote certain functions in the body. Some of our popular blends include Allergy Relief, Breathe Better, Headache Ease, Happy & Bright and Nap Time.


Cupping can be done many different ways. Our approach is more conservative than most practitioners and focuses mainly on releasing restrictive tissue. We use vacuum style cups to gently create negative pressure between the layers of fascia and muscle, think "pull" instead of "push". This allows us to create space, increase blood flow to the area and break up bound tissue.

Topical CBD

*Client Favorite

We are proud to offer CBD Clinic's ointment as a supplement to treatments as well as through retail. There is a no THC guarantee, meaning there is no risk of a psychoactive reaction or positive drug test. These products combine powerful terpenes (such as menthol and camphor), natural emollients (organic beeswax and jojoba) and hemp extract to penetrate deep and interrupt pain signaling. 


Seasonal Body Treatment

Your therapist will use our seasonally selected scrub to exfoliate and cleanse your skin, followed by an application of one of our detoxifying muds, and will then complete your massage using our nourishing and deep moisturizing body butters. Application takes about 30 minutes and can be booked with 30, 60 or 90 minutes more of massage. 



Facial Cupping Massage

Facial cupping uses soft silicone cups to create gentle suction on the face to promote blood flow and cell repair. This add-on is both relaxing and rejuvenating. Clients, especially those who suffer from allergies and headaches, report feeling refreshed and more focused with facial cupping. 

Castor Oil Belly Wrap

Castor oil wraps are a long practiced remedy for digestive problems and menstrual cramps. We soak a wool flannel pad in castor oil and apply to the tummy and then wrap the torso. We then use heat to warm the area, helping to stimulate circulation, digestion and detoxification and ease pain. You may choose to add abdominal massage.

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