RESILIENCE [rəˈzilyəns] NOUN

  1. the capacity to recover from adversity

  2. the ability to adapt to challenges

Who We Are

We are your rock. We are here to support you through whatever battle you are up against today, whether it is an impeding deadline or chronic pain, we are here to empower you to keep pushing on. Through massage therapy, corrective exercise, wellness coaching, sport's therapy, and bodywork we strengthen each of our clients so they can reach their full potential. We introduce you to your real self, your strong self, resilient, compassionate, never-give-up, never-stop-moving self, and by bettering each individual we strive to build a better community.


We Value Your Time

 60 minutes means 60 minutes!

We value our clients and their time, which is why we book enough time in between appointments to accommodate proper intake and time to discuss a treatment plan after. Every minute of your service is yours! We do not rush our clients in or out so please be sure to plan for extra time around your hands-on time.

Please Respect Ours

Cancellation Policy

We understand life doesn't always go as planned. If you have to cancel an appointment, just call, text or email us at least 3 hours in advance. We do not want to charge for services not rendered, but same-day cancellations without proper notice and No Shows will result in a $25 fee